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A Psychic Reading is a nonpareil healing modality. It offers information from all levels of reality: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Previously unsolvable problems can be solved. Accurate guidance for life can be had. In a psychic reading session, I obtain information about you from your aura, your energy field: your current condition, childhood history and soul potential. I psychically see your challenge in this larger Reality. Often a problem seems unsolvable not because it is unsolvable, but because it is not seen and understood in this larger, multidimensional reality. In a session, Psychic Reading By Teresa see your challenge in this larger Reality. The minute you also see it in this new context, everything changes. There are answers, solutions, possibilities. Life expands.

Hello My Name is Tanya Welcome to My Page Psychic Readings by Tanya! As An Intuitive Psychic I Provide the Most Accurate Reading Out There. My Readings Rely On Channeling My Spirit Guides To Tap In Your Energy To Receive Information. I Also Use Tools in My Readings Such As Tarot Cards, Crystals, Prayer Beads And Meditation To Deliver The Most thorough, Honest And Positive Reading. I'm Bold But Always Caring In My Readings, Honest But Never Judgmental I will tell you as I see Not What You Want To Hear. I Will Give You Clarity through your Most Difficult Situation. I Will Answer Any And All Questions You Have, No Problem Is To Big Or Small Whether Its If The Person Your With Is Right For You? Will You Find Your Soulmate?, If Your Friend Is Truly Your Friend?, Negativity In The Work Place, Question About Your Career Or If You Need Help Finding Peace Of Mind About An ill Love One Or Someone Who Has Passed. You Can Over Come Any Obstacle With My Guidance.

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