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Robert A McFadden Sr Legal Shield Associates treats all of our clients with respect and dignity. Our staff is sensitive to our clients' individual circumstances and needs; they are here to help and to explain to each client how the process will work. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer. No applicant for services shall be denied services because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disabling conditions, political party affiliation, or because of any other consideration prohibited by law.

What if instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you paid a monthly membership and got a law firm for life? Well, we?re taking legal representation and making some revisions-in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage. Finally, you can live life knowing you have a lawyer in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn?t emptying it. We take pride in providing some of the best customer service in the process serving industry. Our highly experienced process servers work under the highest professional and ethical standards.

Charles Robert Legal Shields Associates has served businesses and individuals throughout the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. Our law firm combines effective legal counsel and representation with strong community ties and a focus on helping others. We work hard on behalf of our clients yet our employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Family is at the core of who we are and one of the principles on which the firm was founded. We continue to honor these principles in our practice today, serving both individuals and businesses.

At Real C LeBeuf Legal Shields Independent Associate, we want to change things by making legal services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before. I'm proud to say that we've been able to build a service that millions of people rely upon. Every day we spend our time and resources making it easier for people to get the legal help they need, so they can focus on what's really important taking care of their families and building strong businesses.

Our founder, Everald G. Lawrence, had an epiphany. He found himself financially unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from an accident, even though it wasn't his fault. From that day forward, he was determined to make sure everyone had affordable access to legal care no matter how traumatic or trivial the situation. Thus, LegalShield was born.

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