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OG Charlie Frank$$$ one of the four fathers of H Town Hiphop culture, Is a south side HOUSTON TEXAS native from South Acres Estate home of hiphop industry G.O.A.T MC MR Brad Scarface Jordan & the legendary S.A. FOOLZ. OG Charlie Frank$$$ is a pioneer trailblazer and in one part architect of a hiphop culture music and style created alongside Dj Screw that would not only set the H Town hiphop scene on fire but the industry abroad east coast to the west would bathe in the screwed up heat upon the August, 27 1994 original Big Tyme Rec release of 3 in D morning produced by OG Charlie Frank$$$ Dj Screw & Quincy Evans that changed HOUSTON and hiphop forever. Honorable mentions of hiphop trends and artists developments OG Charlie Frank$$$ are in part responsible for include TSF (The Sauce Factory) Miracle Watts & S.U.C ect.

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  • Caves Lounge
  • 900 W Division St
  • Arlington TX 76012
  • (817) 460-5510
  • Get Your Ps4
  • 6783 Brittany Chase Ct
  • Orlando FL 32810
  • (407) 779-1081