How It Works

OnBizMap combines the top local marketing strategies today into an all-in-one solution to drive more customers to your business. Read below for a step-by-step guide on how our marketing solution works.

Step 1 - Sign up!

The first and most important step :). We collect information regarding your business - everything including name, address, products, services, promotions, coupons, and other miscellaneous details. This is accomplished through our website or through a call. We discuss any particular preferences you might have on what appears on your local website, social media accounts, directory listings, etc. We'll notify you when your OnBizMap account is created.

Step 2 - Building Your Local Website*

Your local website will be the lynchpin of the rest of your local marketing. We customize your website to work with your business' theme and values. We also implement any features you would like your website to have, such as promotions, videos, photo galleries, etc.

Your website will be mobile-ready through responsive web design, which resizes your site according to the visitor's device. Finally, we optimize your website for customers, by making your contact information and methods prominent, and for search engines as well.

Step 3 - Getting You Listed in Directories*

From among thousands of business directories, only a few are actually trusted as non-spammy by search engines. We prioritize getting you listed on select directories that get high traffic and clickthroughs. We also ensure that all your listings, whether current or new, are accurate and updated. Moreover, we continue this ongoing process to keep your listings competitive month after month.

Step 4 - Creating Your Social Media Accounts, Pages, and Automated Ads*

We design and create your social media accounts and pages for Facebook and Twitter, and synchronize all details with your current business information. If you already have active ones, we can help you optimize them as well.

We also launch a highly-targeted social ad campaign to catch the attention of your prospective customers. And similar to your directory listings, this will be ongoing month after month.

Step 5 - Marking Your Location on Online Maps*

We mark your business location on Google Maps so customers can easily get to your door.

Step 6 - Providing Customer Support

Finally, we promise reliable and ongoing customer support - whether you want to add new promotions, remove old products, or edit your details, we can take care of your request in a timely manner. We aim to provide hassle-free and effective marketing, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

* Only applies to paid subscriptions. See What's Included? for details.

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