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  •   14011 Minnieville Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22193
  •    M-F 09:00 AM-09:00 PM
  •    (703) 551-5108
  •    dfrankcardan@yahoo.com

A Psychic Reading is a nonpareil healing modality. It offers information from all levels of reality: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Previously unsolvable problems can be solved. Accurate guidance for life can be had. In a psychic reading session, I obtain information about you from your aura, your energy field: your current condition, childhood history and soul potential. I psychically see your challenge in this larger Reality. Often a problem seems unsolvable not because it is unsolvable, but because it is not seen and understood in this larger, multidimensional reality. In a session, Psychic Reading By Teresa see your challenge in this larger Reality. The minute you also see it in this new context, everything changes. There are answers, solutions, possibilities. Life expands.

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