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Lip Persneckity Lawn Service LLC OPEN NOW

  •   3301 Accolade Dr, Clinton, MD 20735
  •    Available by appointment, M-Sa 08:00 AM-05:00 PM
  •    (301) 758-0693
  •    clarencehaizlip86@gmail.com

Lip's Persnickety Lawn Service, LLC has a proven track record of providing creative, high quality landscaping services in the Clinton, MD area. Our excellent tree service, irrigation installation, and lawn care services have brought many smiles to our clients over the years. Homeowners who have had the pleasure of working with our professional staff find that we not only produce a better landscape environment, but our services often save them money and increase the resale value of their home. Lip's Persnickety Lawn Service, LLC provides the ultimate value for our clients' investments in professional landscaping services.

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