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Proudly, 6 years in business!

Are you interested in scheduling with a team of trusty local cleaners? We are grateful to have been cleaning properties professionally for years. Our focus is not only to clean but to exceed the satisfaction of our clients. It is our joy and pleasure to take upon ourselves the heavy burden cleaning creates, and give you peace of mind. No one should ever have to take time from life's more important matters to focus on cleaning. Let Moore Commercial & Residential Cleaning LLC take care of you cleaning needs. We are 100% committed to excellence and full customer satisfaction. We use the most advanced and effective cleaning tools and solutions allowing us to treat both commercial and residential properties. Our cleaners also do House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Apartment Cleaning and other related cleaning services. One of the most important aspects of our job is our tools, materials, and equipment. Moore Commercial & Residential Cleaning LLC only invests in high-performance tools that bring the desired effect. We proudly serve the whole community of Charlotte, NC, and you can count on our residential cleaning and commercial cleaning service! Call us at (704) 676-2279 | (980) 483-3817 to schedule today!

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