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  •   22922 14th Pl W, Bothell, WA 98021
  •    Available by appointment, M-F 09:00 AM-05:00 PM
  •    (206) 335-6140
  •    josephmpitt@yahoo.com

You are so excited. Through hard work, you are now able to start building your new home. This is a huge milestone for any individual. Yet, it's just the beginning of the journey. The next thing you should be thinking about is who will be responsible for your new home architecture design in Bothell, WA. You're starting in the right place. Definitive Design Group is here to provide you with a variety of design options and construction advice, both approached in a money-saving manner. My area of expertise covers architectural rendering and design from start to finish. In addition, I help people with architectural projects, home additions, and outdoor living spaces design. Having the right residential architect to work on your project is something everyone should consider no matter what type of building is in the making. The reasons are many. But, the main one remains the amount of confusion and time that a professional can save you. In the process of deciding on the materials, design, building contractors, and managing your finances in the same time, you will have a trusty advisor by your side.

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