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Proudly, 48 years in business!
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Properly applied, masonry work can do much to enhance a property's appearance, and may even increase its value. A skilled masonry contractor can ensure the correct installation of stone walls and paths around your property to transform your home. At Baker Masonry we will enhance your property through award winning stone works. Our custom stonework is overseen by our master masonry contractor, who boasts years of professional experience. We can create all new stonework on your property or perform historical restoration and repairs on existing masonry. Whether you want a new walkway or fire pits installed on your property, we can handle it. We offer specialized services in creating stone and brick installation, utilizing our many years of experience. With us, stone repair and construction bring beauty and elegance to your property. We even offer small demolition services for your added convenience. At Baker Masonry , we are known for our skills, trained artistic eye, and amazing workmanship. So if you're looking for reliable masonry services in Asheboro, NC, we're the people to call.

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